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The Five Reiki Principles or Gokai

The Objective of the Five Reiki Principles or Gokai

"The Gokai contained the ethical and practical background of the inner work and desired achievement of the student.

The Gokai is made up of five seemingly simple sentences written in clear everyday language that literally anyone can comprehend and implement automatically. They are neither secret or mystical and any Japanese who reads them, even if he has no idea of Reiki, will instantly nod his head and smile"

Frank Arjava Petter 'One with Reiki: Love, Devotion and Being Present 2020

The Gokai are considered 'Kotodama'

There are times when singing is singing and chanting is chanting. Other times the repitition of sound combinations are empowered with power and sacredness. The chanting or saying is empowering to the person saying them.

The Gokai are a Kotodama  and must be spoken out loud to unfold their power. Practice them and see how your energy shifts to create calm contentment and happiness within you.

The correct pronunciation of the Gokai

Please watch and use this video clip for the correct pronunciation from Mari Okazadi, a Jikiden Reiki teacher - (362) Gokai - Jikiden Reiki Five Principle in Japanese - YouTube