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About Yolanda and Reiki Health

Usui Reiki’s been a game-changer for me over the years, for my clients and myself.

Usui Reiki is magic! There are so many wonderful changes it brings into your life - you'll love it! 

Yolanda's Reiki Contribution & Voluntary Work

Since I returned from living 26 years in Australia (1998), I’ve twice been a member of the National Reiki NZ Committee and was a founding member of the Waikato Reiki Committee.

Whenever possible, I try to publish regular (free) articles in Reiki News NZ, on my online blog, in spiritual magazines and on our Reiki Health New Zealand Facebook page. I offer free Reiki Support Groups regularly for my students and Masters and stay in touch via regular newsletters and articles.

Ongoing Support & Care for Students

To support all my students in getting the full benefits of their Reiki Training, I offer on-going support with regular (free) Reiki Reviews and (free) Reiki Support groups.

Yolanda's Classes & Teaching Style

Yolanda holds small, boutique Reiki classes at her home in Cambridge to ensure you get the very best training with plenty of time for Q & A, practice and up-to-date information as possible.

Our Reiki Classes are fun and deeply nurturing experiences for every student – we learn and grow faster and more happily together!

Read the Benefits of Learning Usui Reiki >>

I love what Reiki has done for me and my students

The wonderful thing for me is that I love to see the amazing changes that happen for my Reiki students.

As they move from their initial questioning to their personal experience and how effortlessly Usui Reiki flows through their hands, bodies and lives from their first day of Class. 

What I did learn (repeatedly) was that Reiki is only limited by us

As you learn each Degree of Usui Reiki, you simultaneously experience for yourself that there’s virtually nothing Reiki can’t do, balance or harmonize.

I’ve trained many students and successful Reiki Teachers who have gone on and trained their own Reiki students and Masters in their families and communities.

Like all good things, I first heard about Usui Reiki through word of mouth

After receiving a few professional Usui Reiki treatments, I was astounded to hear I could learn and use Reiki for myself in a weekend. I signed up straight away! 

Yolanda’s Usui Reiki Lineage & Training

I was trained in Australia by two different Usui Reiki lineages. 
As you may know, Reiki is passed down from Teacher to student. Founded in an Asian culture Reiki is an ‘energy lineage’ and is passed from Teacher to student via attunements at each level of Usui Reiki.

Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree 1994
I was trained in the Usui -Hayashi – Takata Lineage and was taught First and Second Degree Reiki in Sydney, Australia in 1994 by Beverly Bultitude, a direct teacher of Beth Gray’s who was one of Mrs Takata’s original 22 USA-trained, Reiki Master Teachers.

Reiki Master Teacher 1996 – 2023
2 years later, after 1000’s of hours sending and giving free Reiki, I was attuned to Reiki Master/Teacher by Reiki and Seikhem Master Ian Davies, whose lineage included well-known Australian Reiki Teachers plus Phyllis Lee Furumoto, Mrs Takata’s Grand-daughter.

I challenged Reiki!
I was determined to personally experience what I was told Reiki could do, it would.
I invested thousands of hours practicing, sending, and teaching Reiki so I could personally prove to myself that everything I was taught about Reiki was possible for everyone, particularly my students. Read Yolanda's full Usui Reiki Lineage >>

Taught fully, Usui Reiki will change your life for the better

 Inspiring real-life stories from recent clients & students on
How Reiki has changed their stress & family life to more peace and happiness

'I have absolutely loved learning Reiki from Yolanda
It's been life changing for me and it's helped me become healthier and happier. My intuition has increased and I'm feeling more like my authentic self with each day and more in a state of flow.  I'm definitely more present in each moment too.

Reiki has not only helped me but my whole family
My autistic son Lucas had trouble sleeping and by the age of 5yrs old he had only slept a handful of times throughout the night but since giving him daily Reiki his sleep has improved drastically and he's now getting full night's sleep most night's - which has been a total game changer in our household.

I would absolutely recommend learning Reiki from Yolanda
Yolanda is very thorough in her teachings and you receive comprehensive manuals to help you on your journey. Another amazing thing is the on going contact Yolanda provides. If i ever have a question, i know Yolanda is just a phone call away. 

Hope Silby, Reiki 3rd Degree Student
Thank you Yolanda, much love and blessings to you. I will always be so grateful to you'

Located in the picturesque Cambridge, New Zealand

Cambridge is a leafy country town built around the River Waikato, full of secret beauty, lovely walks, dedicated cyclists and heaps of cafes, and a lovely lifestyle.

We’re an easy 1.5 hr drive from Auckland on the new freeway, 40 mins drive to the Raglan and West Coast beaches, and 75 min drive from Tauranga and The Mount East Coast beaches.

If you're coming from out of town please let me know - I'm happy to recommend local accommodation and eating spots.