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Usui Reiki Master

A spiritual journey to transform your life and help heal loved ones, friends, clients, animals and our Mother Earth

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The Process - let's chat

Reiki 3A Master Training is done by firstly making a time for a consultation with Yolanda online or in person.

  • You and Yolanda will meet online or in-person to see what you wish to achieve.

  • Yolanda will work with you to make a top-quality, professional Reiki 3A Master Training programme specifically and fully for you.

  • Once you are happy with everything, we choose dates and payment methods so we may begin an awesome Reiki Master Training experience together for you!

You're welcome to make a time to have a chat or meet in person and discuss how you’d like to deepen your beautiful Usui Reiki Journey.

Please ring, text or email me - I'm looking forward to meeting you.
M: +64 (0)272 349 560
E:   yolanda@reikihealth.co.nz

The Prerequisites - plan together

Usui Reiki Master Training can be seen as the culmination Class of your personal and professional Usui Reiki experience and practice.

You will need to have successfully completed and enjoyed practicing the Usui Reiki 1st Degree, 2nd Degree and 3rd Degree on yourself and others 

You are guided through a beautiful process of spiritual and self-development using Advanced Knowledge and Techniques from both your Usui Reiki 1st, Usui Reiki 2nd and 3rd Degrees with Yolanda

As part of your Usui Reiki Master training, you are taught the ancient process of Reiju as yet another way to share deep Reiki with those in need. Usui Sensei, the Founder of Reiki gave Reiju to his Teachers weekly.

Usui Reiki Master Training can also lead you naturally to the next step of your ‘Reiki Mastery’ journey … which is Usui Reiki Teacher Training 3B. Please note this Class is exclusively for those who wish to practice and share Reiki professionally.

The Training - off we go!

  • When you choose to do Usui Reiki Master 3A with Yolanda, your course timetable is tailored specifically for you, with you. It's flexible so you know exactly what you'll receive and what's needed as we journey together.

  • Your overall AND day-by-day Programme is written so you know what we are covering at each Training session. If we need extra time it is included (within reason) at no extra cost.

  • Reiki 3rd Degree as Yolanda teaches it, is the first half of your Reiki 3A Master Training.

  • Your Usui Reiki 3A Training includes Usui Reiki 1st Degree, 2nd Degree and Usui Reiki Master 3A. This includes full Training Classes, Certificates for every Degree completed and Manuals and ongoing unlimited support for you.

  • Allow approx a year for your one-on-one Training - from Usui Reiki 1st Degree through to completing Usui Reiki Master 3A Training.

  • The costs and what is covered in each Reiki Degree is under each Class above

  • You and I will make a month-by-month training programme together before your Master Training begins

Let's talk!

M: +64 (0)272 349 560
E:   yolanda@reikihealth.co.nz

Learning with a friend is fun and supportive

It's heaps of fun and very rewarding to become an Usui Reiki Master and journey on your Reiki Path with a fellow Reiki student and friend. 

You both can share experiences and treatments with each other as you learn each Degree together - it's a very enriching and fulfilling way to learn togther. And experience how amazing and powerful every step of Usui Reiki Master Training is.

Please call me if you have any questions and we'll make a time to get together - I love teaching you Usui Reiki. It's a life-changer!

E:   yolanda@reikihealth.co.nz
M:  +64 (0)272 349 560

I feel very honoured and privileged to become an Usui Reiki Master

The whole process of gaining my Usui Reiki Master Degree has been an incredible experience, I definitely feel like I have evolved as a person and am a lot more grateful for life in general. 

Yolanda has been an amazing and supportive professional teacher, mentor and friend throughout this journey. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. We had regular meetings encouraging and ensuring we were on track and putting the hours in and gaining understanding and insight into the significance of what we were actually gaining and becoming a part of. 

Usui Reiki is such a wonderful practice to learn and to enjoy sharing with others.

My favourite thing about it is the experiences I get to share with other people when they experience Reiki in their lives for the first, second or third time. Each experience is different but is always so positive and meaning in its own way. 

Learning the Reiju (or Usui Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree Attunements) in my Usui Reiki Master 3A training was a beautiful addition to completing my Usui Reiki Practice methods.

They bring a very special addition to my Reiki practice – another way yet to give and share Reiki with others and create beautiful Reiki experiences in special moments.

Now I’ve become a Usui Reiki Master I feel like I have gained a lot more insight into my daily existence, a shift of perspective into a more calm and peaceful version of myself. I’m feeling more grounded and just grateful for being alive. 

A big thank you to my beautiful friend Belinda, whom I’ve shared this entire journey with – it’s been an absolute treasure.

I want to thank Yolanda for all her patience and meticulous teaching practices to ensure we gained the most pure, accurate and authentic form of Usui Reiki.

Thank you very much to you both from the bottom of my heart.

Love from Jane xxx

Jane Rompelberg, Usui Reiki Master 3A, Practitioner, Wellington.

Call Jane direct for Reiki Treatments in Wellington                   

M: +64 27 550 1645      E: j.rompelberg@gmail.com 

I feel like Reiki found me rather than the other way around! Divine timing!

For me this journey of learning the gift of Reiki came at such a pivotal time in my life where I feel like it found me rather than the other way around. Divine timing.

To have earned my Reiki Master's is such a tremendous honour and I feel humbled and extremely grateful for this practice

My Usui Reiki’s always there for me in times of extra struggles and it holds me exactly where I need to be, just like Yolanda would say "it goes where it's needed most".

Usui Reiki has helped me so much to deepen my own understanding and knowledge in trusting myself and my body to allow the energy to flow freely. It has also bought me to a beautiful place adding to my own spirituality and personal beliefs.

I enjoyed most the authenticity of how Yolanda teaches, the genuine care and dedication, laughter shared amongst learnings and meeting my wonderful friend, Jane. Learning the Reiju was a perfect addition to completing my Reiki Masters and going forward from here I know Reiki is something that will stay with me forever.

I have such a deep respect and gratitude for this energy within me so it goes without saying that I have the utmost respect and equal gratitude to Sensei Usui himself and you, Yolanda for sharing your knowledge and gifts with me.

Forever thankful,

Belinda Jane, Usui Reiki Master 3A Practitioner, Thames & Paeroa

Contact Belinda direct for Reiki Treatments in the Hauraki Plains

M: +64 21 209 5828   E: belindabeedy@yahoo.co.nz

Thank you so much for passing on your knowledge and wisdom

Reiki Master Training with you was profound.

It was one of the most important experiences of my life

Andy van Lier, Reiki Master, Auckland NZ

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