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Professional Development Days

This is a ‘hands-on’ Reiki Workshop to upskill your professional Usui Reiki Treatments on the Reiki table

Would you like to create and hold a sacred and deeply healing space for your client?

This is a free ‘hands-on’ Reiki Workshop for those Reiki students of mine who wish to become dedicated Reiki professional practitioners using the Reiki table and giving 60 minute, full body, hands-on, Usui Reiki Treatments.

There's a lot more to giving a Reiki treatment than most people realize. Learn how to hold a scared, trusting and deeply healing space for every client you give a full-body Usui Reiki treatment to.

Limited to 4-6 Usui Reiki Students

Date & Time:

Sunday, 27 July 2024 11am to 3pm - BOOK NOW

14 Terry Came Drive, Cambridge.

Programme for the day

11 – 12noon
Preparing yourself, your space and your client for a full 60 minute, hands-on, professional Reiki Treatment

NB: Extra in-depth handouts are given for those student practitioners of mine now wishing to now move into giving professional, in-person Usui Reiki treatments

12noon – 1pm
Lunch break at a great local Cafe (something yum & close by)

1pm – 3pm

  • A Reiki Treatment from beginning to end, including how to transition your client safely on-and-off the Reiki table (and why this is s important)

  • A wonderful afternoon of practising the Reiki hand positions and giving and receiving Reiki yourself on the Reiki table

  • Closing Circle

"Yolanda creates such a space of safety, integrity and high standards when she teaches Reiki.

I really appreciate her upmost reverence as to how Reiki is received and upheld.

Her professionalism and attention to detail is second to none and her genuine desire to see her students learn Usui Reiki with the integrity it deserves is deeply appreciated.

Much Aroha and gratitude Yolanda - highly recommended"

Danielle Renee, Usui Reiki 2nd Degree, Waikato

Where does a professional Reiki treatment begin and where does it end?

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, for bringing me back home to Reiki … the depth of your teaching has truly honoured and humbled my soul journey”

Susan Rhodes, Usui Reiki Teacher, Hamilton NZ