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Distant Reiki Treatments

Reiki Distant Treatments are suitable for everyone, near or far and can be purchased here on our online store

Distant Reiki Treatments are invaluable aids in a modern world to effortlessly

  • reduce stress
  • strengthen your immune system
  • aid pain relief
  • accelerate healing of bone and tissue
  • improve sleep patterns
  • increase your optimism and creativity
  • calm your nervous system
  • uplift your energy and vitality

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Distant Reiki treatments are fabulous!

Experience deep relaxation, reduced stress, improved sleep, pain relief & much more

After your Reiki Treatment, there’s a few simple things you can do to maximize the benefits of your treatment -

In the deeper states of alpha - beta relaxation that distant Reiki nutures, your body will start to automatically heal and repair itself so important to nurture your fluids, rest and calmness

Drink plenty of water – Reiki releases toxins from your organs into your blood stream and drinking extra water flushes the toxins out (rather than have them circulate and return toxicity to your organs). Minimize or leave alcoholic drinks for 24 – 48 hours before and after your Reiki Treatment – alcohol and Reiki aren’t a good mix at all … some people may even have a strong adverse response if combined.

It’s valuable to watch your emotions – you’ll find you won’t be so reactive or as easily triggered emotionally as you receive more Reiki.

If you’re committed to a healthy and happy life for yourself, consider booking 2-3 consecutive distant Reiki Treatments over 1-2 weeks or within a few days of each other or Learn Reiki for yourself – it’s especially beneficial if you’ve had long term stress or health problems. After your first distant treatment, every repeat treatment is $75

​My first-ever distant Reiki treatment was beautiful!

'It was the BEST 

I'm feeling real shifts - my first-ever distant Reiki treatment was so beautiful!

I was exhausted and went to sleep for hours when I lay down for my treatment.

When I woke up I had so much energy and felt fabulous - my gratitude kete is full, Yolanda'

 Natasha - Dec 2021

Distant Reiki Treatment - 60 mins+ full-body treatment

Your 60 minute distant Reiki full-body Treatment lasts 60 minutes and follow-up Guidelines are emailed to you at the end of your session

The 60 min Treatment is a full body Treatment which duplicates all the hand positions of a professional (hands-on) Reiki Treatment – each hand position is held for a minimum of 3-5 mins from the top of the head to the last hand positions on the feet.

Every Distant Reiki Treatment will be performed by Usui Reiki Teacher, Yolanda who has sent and taught Usui Reiki for over 22 years. Yolanda will be in touch with you before your Treatment begins and after your treatment within 24 hours.

60+ mins · $90

Distant Reiki Treatments - 30 min sessions for you, loved ones & events

For success, pain relief, optimism and peace before operations, giving birth or passing over and to improve specific health issues or mental/emotional stress, Reiki Absent & Distant Healing is
considered by many to be a godsend for health, balance and harmony in the physical, mental and emotional energy bodies

Said to be 4 times stronger than hands-on Reiki, Absent or Distant Reiki is sent through time and space to the person (animal, pet) or event you choose

Book your 30 min Distant Reiki Treatment to the person, event or pet below - $60

30+ mins · $60