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Usui Reiki Second
Degree Class

Welcome to learning Reiki Second Degree with me …
it truly is so much more than you ever thought possible.

Open your heart, your mind and transform your world with the skills and symbols of
Usui Reiki Second Degree.

The Second Degree enables the practitioner to increase the power of hands-on Reiki as well as sending healing across time and space using the Usui Reiki symbols.

This level of Reiki brings the symbols placed in the subconscious mind in the Reiki First Degree up to the conscious level, so that they can be used with awareness in as many aspects of your life as you wish.

30 & 31 July
9.30 to 3.30pm

14 Terry Came Drive, Cambridge NZ

Please BYO
Your open heart
Your Reiki Journal or an A4 blank-paged journal and pen
Bed-sized cushion
2-3 photos of individual family members and/or a friend
Provided – filtered water, coffee & tea supplied for breaks

Learning Reiki 2nd Degree empowers your Reiki hugely

Using your Reiki Second Degree naturally empowers your intuition and enriches your quality of life, relationships and success.

Reiki Second Degree is a beautiful and amazing step up in your knowledge and use of energy – it has a profound effect on your own personal and professional growth and relationships

During your Second Degree you will learn the symbols and explore exciting ways of using them to enhance your daily life

  • To accelerate the benefits and increase the effects of your hands-on Reiki energy
  • To bless and harmonize your homes,  offices, work space and the land
  • To send Reiki through time and space – to anyone, any thing, anywhere, anytime, past, present or future

    As well as quality training, plenty of time to practice and wonderful new skills that work ...

    You'll also receive -

    • A thorough and attractive Reiki Second Degree Manual
    • A beautiful Reiki Second Degree Certificate
    • PLUS … a free 1 x day Reiki Second Degree Review to deepen your Training, help your practice, answer any questions and give and receive powerful Reiki together
    • High-Vibe Reiki Days – for my Reiki 2nd & 3rd Degree Students only!
    • PLUS … free Reiki Support Groups to give and receive Reiki, meet like-minded people and increase your practice and new skills
    • Special student-only discounts on your future Reiki Professional Treatments & Classes

    ‘It’s an honour and privilege to heal myself and a tremendous relief and pleasure to be able to send Reiki love, balance and harmony to help those I love and care about - wherever they live in the world'

    Angelize Short, NZ