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'One With Reiki: Love, Devotion and Being Present'


This long awaited book (published 2020) by international Reiki Teacher and researcher Frank Arjava Petter, allows the reader to discover and experience the many dimensions of Reiki

'Reiki is much more than merely a relaxation technique or a way to treat the illnesses of body and mind. In its genius simplicity it includes everything that allows us to grow into a complete, kind, compassionate and conscious human being

The reader is inspired to open his heart to the power of Reiki and to develop the trust and tranquillity that carry him on his Reiki Path. With continuing practice one becomes One with the cosmos and One with Reiki.

Reiki, the Healing Method for the Improvement of Body, Mind and Spirit, was born out of the enlightenment experience of its founder, Mikao Usui on Mount Kurama, Japan.

The author shines the light of experience upon both Shintoism and Buddhism as well as upon Japanese cultural values and the challenges on the path to developing the appropriate inner attitude.

Frank Arjava Petter receives international acknowledgement totally due to his untiring dedication and joy in his pioneering effort to bring the original Japanese Reiki tradition within reach of the Western heart

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