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Reiki your 7 Chakras for health, vitality and happiness


CHAKRA is a Sanskrit word that means “wheel”. Those that can see them internally describe chakras as spinning wheels of light that glow and spread outwards.

Chakras are concentrations of focused energy that have both mental and spiritual power. When we activate and balance our chakras, we stimulate the optimum release of powerful energies, which give rise to feelings of well-being, good health and enhanced mental clarity.

Chakras are a core belief of many meditative practices, spiritual and religious and have been incorporated into many new age practices…although the Chakra system was first developed in India in the Middle Ages. When our chakras are unhealthy, blocked or unbalanced they lead us to make unwise decisions and often make us unhappy or depressed. Ideally chakras should be active and spinning at a similar rate to each other…but most of us have some chakras that are overactive and others that are closed down or underactive and require stimulation.

When balanced, emotional and energy blockages that can subvert the flow of inner chi will dissolve, helping to release mental pressure and negative emotions. Advocates of chakra balancing feel that unless this is done, your mind and emotions can create resistance within the inner systems of your body so that eventually these blockages assume physical proportions lodging in whichever physical area of the body is most vulnerable. This is, supposedly, what can give rise to disease and illness.


Reiki students and practitioners can use simple Reiki hand-positions – with or without the Reiki symbols – over each chakra centre to achieve balance, harmonizing and energising of our chakra centres. This will bring noticeable health, happiness and spiritually awakening benefits.

Your Reiki hands can be used together or separately over each chakra. I have found myself that giving Reiki for a couple of minutes to each of my own 7 chakra’s as part of my daily Reiki practise (more time on each chakra brings deeper results) in a single session, is more powerful and empowering that doing a few chakra’s here or there. Of course, as Mrs Takata always said: ‘A little Reiki goes a long way and is better than none’ – and she is right, bless her.


Your chakra’s are found within your physical energy body, about an inch in front of your spinal column down the centre of your body.

Each chakra’s position is determined by your own or your client’s bodily proportions and lengths – not the nice, even, perfectly-spaced bodies in the illustrations we all see


First Chakra – in between the anus and genitals:
Second Chakra – centred behind the pubic bone:
Third Chakra – centred 2 fingers down from your belly button:
Fourth Chakra – centred behind your sternum bone – the heart chakra:
Fifth Chakra – on the epiglottis bone – throat chakra:
Sixth Chakra – between your eyebrows – third eye chakra:
Seventh chakra – centred on your crown – crown chakra:

NB: If you disagree with these, please just put your hands where you believe the chakra is and your Reiki will go where it is needed on your body.


1: A short Reiki chakra self-balancing treatment 

All 7 chakra’s by 2 minutes each = 14 minutes chakra self treatment. You will find using your Reiki with your 7 chakras, a wonderful start to every day and a wonderful finish to every evening. Enjoy.

2: Professional Reiki chakra balancing treatments

Just about every Reiki hand-position in a professional Reiki treatment covers the 7 chakras – except for the obvious one which is the first or base chakra.

In professional treatments this area is a no-go zone (for the obvious reasons) but it can be supported by placing your Reiki hand-positions on the outside thigh/hip area or the hip V-position in traditional western Usui treatments (see attached diagram).

3: Some seated Reiki chakra suggestions – starting from the top of the body and working down

1: Crown of head
2: 3rd eye / forehead area
3: Throat chakra
4: Heart chakra
5: 3rd chakra (2-3 fingers down from belly-button). I usually leave the lower 2 chakras.

In all seated treatments, I avoid these chakra’s as I don’t wish to invade people’s private and personal space in this area of their bodies. Also, I can send absent healing to them if I wish to when the Reiki session is finished and they are still inward and relaxing. 

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