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"Reiki is Love" - Chyoko Yamaguchi, Jikiden Reiki Master


"REIKI IS LOVE" – These profound words were shared by Mrs. Chiyoko Yamaguchi, a remarkable woman who learned the original Reiki directly from Usui Sensei, Chijiro Hayashi, and her uncle, a teacher of Usui Sensei's teachings. 

Mrs. Yamaguchi dedicated her life to practicing and teaching the sacred art of Reiki. She trained Frank Arjava Petter and her son in the authentic Japanese Reiki with immense respect and devotion.

Every day, she offered Reiki treatments to others while running her own shop, embodying the true spirit of Reiki until her passing.

We, as Reiki practitioners and teachers, owe her deep gratitude for her unwavering dedication and for preserving the essence of Usui Sensei's teachings. Her legacy lives on through her son and Arjava, who now travel the world sharing the original Reiki as it was intended.

Let's honor Mrs. Yamaguchi, her son and Arjava as they teach and practice Reiki with the same love and respect she did.

Welcome Arjava to Auckland, NZ - his original Reiki Classes and Talks are FOR EVERYONE: