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Reiki Our World Together

There’s never been a more auspicious and important time to come together online or at home to create and share a powerful field of Reiki Energy across our lives, countries and Earth.

Zoom Class

Join us online every Thursday
from 7pm – 7.30pm
to send Reiki Absent & Distant
Healing together

Programme - Reiki 2nd & 3rd Degree students, Reiki Masters & Teachers

Reiki Absent & Distant Healing for good health & strong immune systems, happiness, balance and harmony, healing and abundance - to each of the following

  • yourself
  • your loved ones
  • the front-liners & essential services people & their families throughout the world (covid-related)
  • our communities – we’re all part of our Reiki Communities as well as many other groups of like-minded people
  • our city or town
  • our country 
  • Nature & our Mother Earth

The REIKI ENERGY FIELD created by many coming together for a common purpose is far more powerful than 1 person. All Reiki 2nd and 3rd Degree students, Masters and Teachers welcome

Thursday 7pm to 7.30pm

Zoom ID 687-885-3350 (open early)