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Reiki Treatments
Absent & Distant healing

One of the most noticeable benefits you will experience when receiving a Distant Reiki Treatment is how quickly and easily a deep state of relaxation and calm occurs for you, a loved one or pet.

You will experience a sense of calmness, contentment and peace, which deepens throughout the treatment, surrounded by a feeling of safety and professional caring

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Full Body Treatment

60 mins  ·  $95

Distant Reiki Treatments are suitable for everyone including stressed parents and/or professionals, babies, children, all ages groups including the elderly, sick animals and for all situations, too.

Whether to ease nerves before meetings, conferences, exams, interviews or public performances, Distant Reiki brings balance and harmony to all situations and to everyone to whom it is sent.

The 60 min Treatment is a full body Treatment which duplicates all the hand positions of a full-body, professional (hands-on) Reiki Treatment.


1: Pain relief, peace of mind and deep relaxation which in turn accelerate healing of all aspects of the body, mind, emotions and spirit

2: Increased optimism and clarity before and during meetings or interviews AND maximising successful outcomes

3: Reducing anxiety and fear and increasing deeper relaxation & pain reduction before operations and before, during & after births, thus enhancing the success and accelerated healing for all concerned

4: To improve, balance and harmonise specific health issues or mental/emotional stress

5: Times when you can't get to a hands-on Reiki Treatment, need extra support, pain relief or stress reduction or have limited time available.

A effective Reiki treatment for
you, your loved ones & for optomizing successful outcomes in business & life

30mins  ·  $60

Said to be 4 times stronger than hands-on Reiki, Absent or Distant Reiki is ‘sent’ through time and space to the person nominated.

It is a powerful, gentle and deeply nurturing experience for the receiver - whether it's for yourself, a loved one, an animal or pet.

Reiki Distant Healing may also be sent to upcoming events to balance, harmonize and optomize successful outcomes for all concerned. Not widely known or used, Reiki can be incredibly powerful in these situations. Try it and see!

Whether to ease nerves before meetings, conferences, exams, interviews or public performances.
For success, pain relief, optimism and peace before operations, giving birth or passing over.

To improve specific health issues or mental/emotional stress …Reiki Absent & Distant Healing is considered by many to be a godsend and immediately effective Treatments.

30 MIN REIKI DISTANT HEALING – for a specific person, purpose, event or pet

Treatment will last 30 minutes, are fully confidential and privacy guaranteed and a brief report will be provided to the client at the end of the session

Each distant Reiki Treatment will be given by Usui Reiki Teacher & Reiki Health NZ founder, Yolanda Cholmondeley-Smith who has had extensive practice sending and teaching specific and advanced Usui Reiki techniques for over 22 years

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